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What to Expect

What to expect at one of our events?

We hold our events in a relaxing environment where the emphasis is on having fun and meeting likeminded singles. Our activities are mainly group exercises with a few individual plays.

What to wear?

We will be doing indoor and outdoor activities so you should wear clothing that suits that purpose. Please wear trainers or bring a spare set of shoes. There are changing rooms & showers available at Parrs Wood so if you have a change of clothes you are more than welcome to use the facilities after the session.


We will meet you and give out your name badge. This will be either just your first name or any nickname you wish to use. We will split you into balanced teams that will change through-out the session.


Any activities that you do not wish to do then no problem, just let us know and we will put you an alternative or you can sit out that activity. We do mainly team based activities with a few individual games thrown in.

Battlefield Live is our most popular activity – it is like laser quest in the woods. We have a large wooded area that we use. We will explain how to use the guns before you are let out into the woods for a free for all combat. We will then put you into two teams and play two missions – Team Death Match and Storm the Bunker. Once you are in your team, your gun can only shoot the opposite team, so no friendly fire.

Bodyzorbing is awesome fun – you can roll, flip and knock people over. We use an exclusive to us outdoor grassed area that is ideal for bodyzorbing. It is a bit rough and tumble so it might not be for everyone. We can put players into teams of roughly the same height and size. We play British Bulldog in the body zorbs or we can do individual rolly polly races where there is no bumping. You continue to the level of participation you are happy with.

In Disc Golf the aim is to send the golf disc from tee to basket in the fewest throws. We start with individual rounds before we do team challenges. These range from relay races to 4 ball, where each player takes the next turn from the last player.

Mental Puzzle Challenges

We have a sit down indoor session using range of group activities that will test your mental strengths. We have lots of different challenges that are captivating and engaging. These puzzles change from event to event.  

Scavenger Hunt

Each task in our outdoor scavenger hunt is worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points accrued at the end of the game are named the winners. There is a collection of easy tasks to harder tasks worth more points but also more time. Your team decides the priority of the tasks. We have many different tasks so if you come on multiple events you should see different challenges.

Small Group Meets

With all the group activities, you may not get the chance to speak to everyone. So we make up small groups and each group chooses a conversation starter. We move groups around the room so you’ll get the chance to meet everyone. We use great ice breakers that are not designed to trip you up or embarrass you, they are just great conversation starters.

After the event

Please log onto the web site and click onto the event you attended. You’ll be able see a list of the people who attended. Please match up to the people whom you want to see their contact details. If there is a mutual match, then you will both see each other’s contacts and are able to message each other.