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Safety & Disclaimer

The activities are undertaken in the wooded area at Parrs Wood High School. This area is completely enclosed by fencing on one side and brick walls, which separate residential dwellings from the area, on the other side. The game is played using electronic guns that fire infra-red beams. The beams are 100% safe to the eyes and body.

We do not provide battle overalls. Our Arena is a wooded area that has lots of bushes, trails and trees so old clothing and footwear would be better. We do not require the children to wear safety goggles but if you would like your child or guests to do so, then these can be provided.

We have £5 million Public Liability Insurance and in 13 years of operation have never had a successful claim against us.

Battlefield Live Disclaimer

The following persons are not to participate: 
- Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Anyone who is pregnant
- Anyone who has had an operation within the past twelve months that through participating could aggravate the object of the operation
- Anyone undergoing medical treatment for an ailment that may be aggravated, including but not limited to high blood pressure, epilepsy, back problems, neck problems or any heart condition
- Anyone suffering from any other condition that may be aggravated


Battlefield Live is energetic fun for children and adults alike but as with any physical activity, this activity may not be suitable for everyone and injuries may occur. Please be aware that:

- The wooded area has trails going through the undergrowth and there are areas of untamed bushes and low level trees 
- There is always the risk of players falling over into the dirt or running into objects or getting injured.
- We would recommend doing a physical warm up before starting this activity, especially adults who may underestimate the risk to injury that may occur.  
- We have minimised the risk the best we can and the school is happy for us to operate at the level of risk we have achieved.
- We do not require the children to wear safety goggles but if you would like your child or guests to do so, then these can be provided.
- You play at your own risk.

We are based at Parrs Wood High School and have to operate to their high standards and the lawful requirements of working with children. We have an extensive risk assessment for our activities that have to be approved by the Site Manager and Sports manager of Parrs Wood High school. 

Info Box: Our safety documents 
Battlefield Live Manchester Risk Assessment. -> BFLM_Risk_Assessment.docx
Battlefield Live Child Party Guidance  -> BFLM_Guidance_Child.docx]
Battlefield Live Adult Guidance  -> BFLM_Guidance_Adult.docx]
The activity is supervised by Redmox Leisure employees who have been trained to high standards. Every party starts with a safety briefing on the activity to hand. It is better to brief everyone at once and we aim to start the briefing a few minutes before the start time of the party. So we ask customers to set the meetup time 15 minutes before the actual start time to encourage guests to be on time. Late arrivals will be given their own briefing but may have to wait for a suitable break in the session before they can begin.  

There are First Aid facilities on site with Parrs Wood High School site staff being qualified First Aiders and the owner of Redmox Leisure, a current first aider, initially qualified as a first aider in 1995. There is an AED (automated external defibrillator) on site and the expertise to use it.